Love Your Hands, Love Your Skin

Protecting the skin on your hands and the hands of your loved ones is our absolute top priority. Whether you’re a busy mum juggling family life, you love cooking up a storm in the kitchen or getting stuck into the outdoors (or all three!) we know you’ll be washing your hands countless times a day.

Our Carex hand wash formula with Dermacare doesn’t just clean hands every time you wash them – it cares for your hardworking hands, too. Enhancing your skin’s natural pH for healthy hands, with natural moisturisers to leave hands feeling soft and smooth, combined with trusted antibacterial protection.

Not all hand washes are created equal, but our Carex hand wash is the perfect balance of care and protection.

The Benefits

Our liquid hand wash formula has been specially formulated to do lots of little jobs. Our hand wash actively enhances the skin’s natural pH, gently cleanses to remove dirt and germs, and contains natural moisturisers which help leave skin soft and smooth, all with our trusted anti-bacterial protection.


Every day, we use our hands to touch our food and our mouths, making it super important to keep them clean to help stop the spread of germs and illness. At Carex, we know that dirt and germs shouldn’t get in the way of life. Our hand wash formula with Dermacare has been specially designed to care for and protect you and your family, leaving you free to get stuck into life! After all, that’s why we CAREX.

Carex with dermacare!

Our clever dermacare experts have developed a kind formula for the whole family. Carex gives you all-round protection for healthy hands, so that you can live life hands-on.