It’s our planet.
That’s why we carex

Our world is precious and its natural resources are becoming more and more stretched. Unfortunately, plastic is a growing environmental issue threatening our planet, with a build-up of plastic both in the ocean and around the world.

As our products use plastic packaging, we know that need to do more than our bit to help. We want to empower people to do the same, by making it as easy as possible for our customers to refill, reuse and recycle our products.


Just like you, we are on a journey to reduce our plastic handprint and to make our products as sustainable as possible.  Reducing and reusing packaging materials are our top priorities, followed by recycling.  So far, we have reduced the amount of plastic in our hand wash bottles and we’re the leading manufacturer of refills (which use up to 85% less plastic on 1L refill pouch vs  4 x 250ml bottles).

Did you know we are actively working to reduce our carbon handprint?

Most of our Carex products are made locally in the UK. Our factory, based in Manchester, is constantly working to make sure that, as a producer, our environmental impact is as low as possible.

re-use, recycle, and recovery

Our goal is to achieve zero waste to landfill. We are working hard to move up the “waste hierarchy” towards waste management options which help (not hurt) our planet. This means that our top priority is preventing waste in the first place! Whenever waste is created, we want to prioritise it for re-use, recycling, before recovery and removal.



We’re all about renewable. 100% of the electricity used in our factory is from renewable sources, and we’ve reduced the amount of electricity consumed on-site by 13% in the last three years. This has been achieved through projects like energy-efficient lighting, as well as efficient use of our most energy-intensive manufacturing equipment. 

...and we can prove it

We’re proud to be certified to the ISO 14001 standard by BSi. We know it sounds complicated- here’s what that actually means: our factory has been audited by an external body (BSi) and that we’ve demonstrated that we measure and continually improves the environmental impact. See? Simple.

Eco Refill Pouches

Good for the environment, as well as good for your pocket: our best-selling products are available in eco-refill packs, letting you use up to 85% less plastic versus the equivalent volume in regular bottles. The easy-to-use spout makes it simple to pour and refill your liquid hand soap dispenser at home. Our hand wash refill packs are available in 500ml and 1L sizes helping you to use less plastic and save a few extra pennies at the same time – what could be better? 

wash your hands of plastic

We know that you don’t want to buy a new plastic bottle each time you run out of your Carex hand wash. That’s why we’ve created new eco-friendly refill packs. With our new refill pouches, you can top up your bottles, saving up to 85% less plastic. These handy refill packs are available in 500ml and 1000ml sizes, perfect for big and little bottles.

Pump for life

Lots of people don’t realise that our pumps are reusable too! Sometimes, hand wash pumps can stop working efficiently, leaving us without clean hands. At Carex our pumps have been stress tested and engineered to last. That means you can use your pump over 10,000 times before recycling with Terracycle – that’s about a whole year’s worth of usage!   

saved over 4 million pumps

We couldn’t do it without you. With your support of our eco promise, we’ve been able to keep making strides towards a cleaner, greener future. Thanks to your shared commitment to reuse and refilling, we’ve saved over 4 million pumps (and we’re still counting). From us at Carex, thank you – it (literally) means the world.


We often hear the question “What do I do with my pump?” Our pumps are made from recyclable materials but unfortunately not all local authorities have the facility to recycle them. We’ve also teamed up with Terracycle so that you can recycle your pump when you are done with it. 

100% Recyclable

Our bottles are made from 100% recyclable materials and are the lightest weight that they are able to be to work well, enabling us to minimise the amount of plastic that we use, whilst still providing you with the highest quality of products from the number one hand wash brand in UK. 

30% recycled plastic in our bottles

We’re still growing on our recycling journey, but so far our bottles are 100% recyclable and are made from 30% PCR (recycled plastic materials). We’re also the leading manufacturer of refills on the UK hand wash market! This means that when you buy your Carex bottle and hand wash refills, you know you’re doing your bit to keep plastic use at bay.

eco-friendly is the way forward

In life, we re-use all the time, from keeping our carrier bags handy when we pop to the shops, or using old jam jars to hold our paintbrushes when we get stuck in to messy play! We believe it’s just as important to re-use in the bigger picture. We’re working hard to achieve our re-use and recycling goals. In fact, over 50% of the cardboard that we use in our factory is returned to our supplier for re-use. This means we can achieve about three more re-uses before the cardboard is sent for recycling! 

Teaming up with Terracycle to create something amazing!

We have teamed up with recycling experts Terracycle ®, who’ve made it their mission to recycle the non-recyclable. Terracycle will be helping us by recycling our pump and refill pouch packaging which isn’t always taken by local councils. So when you finish your pump or pouch and come to recycle it, you can simply pop it in a box at your local plastic recycling location. No fuss.


Conserving the planet’s precious natural resources, safeguarding the environment for the future generations and limiting any negative impact on the lives of our consumers and those in our communities, is a priority for PZ Cussons.  Our Plastics Promise sets out our global commitments to minimise waste and increase recycling, redirection and reuse by 2025.

Our ECO Facts and faqs

By 2025 we are aiming for all our bottles and packs to be made from 100% recycled content, so that we can completely close the loop and reduce our plastic impact on the environment.

We’re working on making our pump more recyclable and are constantly looking for new innovations to enable all of our packaging to be 100% recyclable. In the meantime you can reuse your pump or recycle it with Terracycle.

Terracycle recycle the unrecyclable. We are working with them to make it easier to recycle our pumps and refill pouches. Terracycle use the collected waste to make a range of items such as children’s playgrounds, garden furniture, and watering cans.